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Offer for Chinese buyers in RMB LCO/M-100/EN590/ESPO

Sellers Published date: January 11, 2021

Domestic L/C in RMB and payment in RMB. (Fresh-loading, annual production.)

LCO: USD280/USD270 per MT, CIF, 100,000 MT per month
M-100/75: USD 220/USD 210 CIF, 100,000 MT per month
EN590: USD280/USD270 per MT, CIF, 100,000 MT per month
ESPO: Brent - $5 gross / - $4 net per barrel, CIF, 2 million barrels per month

Commission: Buyer-side $5/MT or $0.50/barrel is open, beginning from me, you, ...

CIF Procedures:

1. The buyer confirms acceptance of price and procedure with business registration via email.
2. Both parties review and sign the contract. The seller provides the Partial POP to the buyer.
3. Within 3-5 working days, the buyer issues a domestic Transferable L/C as the payment guarantee. Within a week, the seller shall provide the copy of full POP documents, including Q88, SGS, etc. and 2% PB.
4. When the vessel arrives at the discharge port, the buyer is responsible for cargo inspection. When the cargo passes the CIQ inspection, the buyer shall make T/T payment.
5. The L/C shall be effective till the final shipment.

NOTE: The past shipment records shall be provided directly to the buyer in private before buyer's DLC.


LCO:USD280/USD270吨 CIF, 每月各10万吨。
M-100-75:USD220/USD210吨 CIF, 每月各10万吨。
EN590:USD280/USD270吨 CIF, 每月各10万吨。
ESPO:布伦特下浮 USD5/ USD4 CIF, 每月200万桶。


1. 买方确认接受价格,并附上公司营业执照。

2. 买卖双方对合同内容及双方收付款银行信息核实无误后,签署本合同。卖方向买方提供部分POP文件。

3. 买卖双方签署合同后, 买方在 3-5 个工作日以内向卖方开出单月货物全额货款人民币总额的国内可转让信用证作货款保证。卖方收到信用证,在一周内向乙方开具货值2%的履约保函 (PB)。

注:有三种货款保证方式:国内可转让信用证,国际信用证(不转让),舟山开立临时结算帐户 (20%现金在买家名下),都可以。

4. 卖方在收到买方货物全款的信用证后,在七天内(第一批试单需要十天)向买乙方提供如下文件:
A. 原产地证
B. 提单(收货人为买方名称)
C. 货物舱单
D. Q88文件
E. 发货港SGS报告

5. 油船到港后,由买方负责货物报检。

6. 货船到港后,在船上经CIQ检验合格后,乙方将信用证议付所需要的相关文件交付给甲方。甲方根据CIQ检测报告数据结算出来的货款数额议付信用证,多退少补。

7. 买方信用证继续有效,到合同最后一船解付。如买方迟延收货,买方需按照未收货货款的万分之五每天支付违约金。延期收货造成的船费增加由买方承担,具体以租船合同约定之租船日租金为准进行计算。

卖方为国企,能提供交易记录 (私下给),要求开国内可转让信用证(不接受国内保函)
Please revert with your interest ....if any

  • Publisher: SAMIM
  • Company Name: SWIFTNET INC
  • Country: CANADA

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