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Great offers for JP54, D2, D6 etc

Sellers Published date: June 16, 2021 Modified date: June 16, 2021


We now have great offers for refined products from title holders and end refineries for serious buyers
Procedures dont require any upfront payments. But we need a Soft Probe!
If you are a capable buyer or mandate pls contact me ASAP for SCO.
Thank you for reading.
Batubo M
for BOG Logistics and Global Resources Ltd


The Buyer Issues ICPO with his International Passport Copy (Data Page) + company registration + signed NCND.
The Seller issues SPA for 13 Months with R&E to review and sign
The Seller issues Commercial Invoice (CI) for the available quantity in the Seller’s Storage Tank to the Buyer. The Buyer signs and returns the CI to the Seller with their signed Tank Storage Agreement (TSA) for the Seller’s Authority to Verify and Approve.
The Seller issues the POP documents as below and sends to the Buyer.
a. Commitment to Supply
b. Certificate of Origin
c. Product Passport d. Unconditional DTA
e. Fresh SGS (not older than 48 hours)
f. Tank Storage Receipt (TSR)
g. ATSC – Authorization To Sell & Collect
h. Injection Report
The Buyer conducts Dip Test in the Seller’s Tank and provides Tank Details to the Seller, to commence injection of product into the Buyer’s Tank.
Within Twenty-Four (24) hours, Buyer issues 100% TT wire transfer payment to the Seller. The Seller transfers the title ownership to the Buyer.
The Seller pays commission to all the intermediaries

  • Publisher: Batubo
  • Company Name: BOG Logistics and Global Resources LTD
  • Country: Nigeria

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