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DIP and Pay.

Sellers Published date: June 17, 2021

1. Buyer issue ICPO containing the seller's working procedure with banking
details and scanned copy of buyer's passport along with their official "TSA"
and Buyer company certificate of incorporation.
2. Seller issues commercial invoice of the product in tanks at the port, to be
signed by Buyer and Seller.
3. Seller issue to Buyer the Dip Test Authorization document (DTA) which is
to be signed by the Buyer, Seller and Buyers logistic company.
4. Seller issues NCNDA / IMFPA with the PPOP listed below to the Buyer:
• TSR with GPS coordinates of the Tank Location.
• Injection report
• Certificate of Origin
• Authorization to sell.
• SGS report.
• Product Passport (Lab Analysis Report).

5. Upon successful Dip Test in Sellers Tanks, product will immediately be
injected into Buyer's Tanks. Buyer makes payment for the product via
mt103/TT, and Seller pays commission for both the Buyer and Seller side
intermediaries within 24 hours..
NOTE; Procedure is not subject to negotiation.
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Batubo M

  • Publisher: Batubo
  • Company Name: BOG Logistics and Global Resources Ltd
  • Country: Nigeria

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