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Sellers Published date: September 2, 2021

BLCO for sale, no up front or hidded fees. After LOI/ICPO ; FCO with seller's banking details allows due diligence on seller bank to bank. Spot 2 Million bbls then contract 12 month up to 6 Million bbls monthly. SPA with ATS then Buyer issues pre-advice, Seller respond with RWA issue 2%PB then Buyer issues SBLC...Serious interest please communicate yr whatsup or yr box for details. Or contactUs at : cargocrudeoil at or whatsup (212) 666 591827
This crude is only CIF ASWP Net USD/BBL 7 Buyers side USD/BBL 2.50 fully open, paid by seller. If Buyer not willing issue SBLC as guarantee; DLC acceptable conditional no 2ùPB.
Buyer sends a preadvice on readiness to issue SBLC and sellers fiduciary bank replies with a preadvice RWA stating they are ready to issue 2% PB upon reciept of buyers SBLC. MEANING : BUYERS PREADVICE>SELLERS RWA>BUYER ISSUE SBLC> SELLER ISSUES 2% PB
TTO West Africa and CIF deliveries no vessels floating.

  • Publisher: Mohammed Boutayeb
  • Company Name: Mercantile Cargo Inc
  • Country: Morocco/Canada

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