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BLCO CIF Rotterdam OFFER - NO Instrument Required

Sellers Published date: February 24, 2022

Please read and advise asap
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Batubo M

1. Seller shall issue Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA). SPA is Reviewed, Completed, Signed and Returned by Buyer and returned with:
- Buyer's CIS.
- Buyer's certificate of incorporation
- Buyer's international Passport.
- And Port-Harbor Required Information.

2. The Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) is submitted to Seller. Both parties shall lodge the executed SPA copies with their respective Banks.

3. Upon arrival of vessel in the Rotterdam/European waters and transmission of cargo documents and Notice Of Readiness and acknowledgment by Buyer.

4. Seller issue full Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) to Buyer for CIF and instruct Vessel Master to sail to Buyer’s POD while for analysis.

*NOTE: The loaded Vessel will only anchor in the international waters of the Buyer’s POD country pending Clearance from Buyer’s Shipping Agency. Any expenses; Port charges, levies, security, tugging etc. that might arise as a result of Vessel coming into the POD country harbor/port/terminal/storage or waters will be borne by the Buyer. All clearing processes will be carried out by the Buyer’s Shipping Agency. If after three (3) days upon Vessel arrival there is congestion at the port which thus causes delay, Buyer shall bear cost of demurrage.*

5. Upon Vessel arrival at Buyer’s POD, Vessel Master shall announce its arrival to Port Control Towers in favor of Buyer, issue Marine ATB / Clearance as invitation to Buyer’s Inspection Company (SGS/CIQ or Equivalent) to come onboard and conduct Q&Q Operations.
Note: Q&Q at Buyer’s POD is for insurance claims, if any.

6. Upon completion of Q&Q Operations and release of Q&Q Report to Buyer, Seller and their respective banks, Seller shall issue a Commercial Invoice based on the Q&Q Out-turn to BUYER. The Commercial Invoice Buyer issues MT103-TT Cash. Upon confirmation of MT103 TT-CASH,Seller release all relevant documents as stated in the SPA shall be presented by the Seller to Buyer or Buyer’s Bank for Final Payment. Payment shall be made by MT103 TT-Cash to Seller’s Bank.

7. Seller shall confirm final payment and immediately instruct Vessel Master to issue Marine NOR/ETA to Buyer’s Storage Facility and set sail. Upon arrival at Buyer’s Storage Facility, Vessel is cleared to discharge berth and begin discharge.
- Within one (1) international banking day, Buyer and Seller shall immediately pay all mandates and agents agreed commissions/fees via MT103 TT-Cash per signed and agreed IMFPA.

8. Next shipment.

  • Publisher: Batubo
  • Company Name: BOG Logistics and Global Resources Ltd
  • Country: USA / NIG

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