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BLCO CIF offer with Upfront PB for DLC

Sellers Published date: December 9, 2021

Please contact me if you have a serious buyer for this time limited offer.
Selller will issue 2% non-operative performance bond upfront for buyer to activate with a DLC. Offer is time limited and may expire soon.
Thanks for reading and best regards
Batubo M
for BOG Logistics and Global Resources Ltd


1. Seller issues SPA while Buyer signs and returns the SPA, CIS, port of discharge agent details, ATB/NOR/ETA formats, international passport and company registration certificate. Seller also sends his company registration certificate and International passport

2. Within 72hours Buyer’s prime Bank issues RWA via MT799/MT705 stating readiness to issue Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC MT700) to seller's bank upon receipt of seller non operative 2% pb.

3. Seller's nominated bank respond and issue NON-OPERATIVE 2% performance bond to buyer's bank.

4. Within 48 hours Buyer's bank shall issue a genuine and acceptable DLC via MT700 for $170m valid for 120 days, according to Seller’s bank approved verbiage, for a trial shipment of one vessel (2m barrels). Seller confirms DLC and pays 2% as bond to buyer

5. Seller load and reassign an exclusive vessel (2m barrels) in buyer's name and issue full cargo documents in buyer's name as the consignee of record, seller authorizes Vessel Captain to move vessel to buyer's port with periodic NOR/ETA to the Buyer and Buyer’s shipping Agent.

6. Upon vessel arrival, vessel captain make announcement to harbour in favour of buyer. Buyer’s shipping agent clears the vessel to into the port at Buyer’s expense, while the Captain Issues Authority To Board (ATB) to enable Buyer’s independent inspectors to perform Q/Q at mutually agreed location.

7. Inspector conduct dip test and quality analysis. Upon successful conclusion of Q/Q analysis, Inspector’s release report to both parties while Seller Issue Commercial Invoice to the Buyer with exact Q/Q report figures.

8. Buyer releases full payment for cargo to Seller's nominated bank within 72 hours after inspection against Q/Q Report, Commercial Invoice and Bill of Lading by MT-103 (cash wire).

9. Seller confirms payment and instruct vessel captain to discharge cargo into buyer's storage tank.

10. Seller releases title to the Buyer and pays commission to all agents.

11. After successful trial shipment, Buyer's bank issue DLC via MT700 of $170m valid for 366 days for 12 months contract of 2m barrels x 12 months shipments, while seller's bank issue 2% performance bond to buyer's bank, and commence subsequent shipments on simple DIP/CI/PAY basis for 2m barrels x 12 months (quantity per month can be increased at buyer’s choice with corresponding increase in value/amount of the instrument)

  • Publisher: Batubo
  • Company Name: BOG Logistics and Global Resources LTD
  • Country: NIG/USA

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