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Available for Sale: BLCO

Sellers Published date: April 3, 2021

BONNY LIGHT CRUDE OIL (BLCO) Seller with NNPC Authorization to Sell (ATS) is looking for capable and reliable buyer of BLCO on FOB, CIF or TTO delivery terms.

If you are a buyer or verifiable mandate, send Company Profile (CP), CIS and LOI/LOR stating desired quantity, delivery terms, target price, payment method and preferred Procedures to be placed in direct contact with the seller to discuss the details of your need.

Note: Respectfully, we do not sell to Chinese companies and will not accept any Chinese Financial banks for transactions.

Respond to: Bana Okpu, Ph.D. (Authorized Rep)
Celia Consultants
Schenectady, NY 12304, USA
Email: celiaconsulting@aol.com

  • Publisher: Bana Okpu
  • Company Name: Celia Consultants
  • Country: USA

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