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AGO, M100, D2, JP54, LCO, LPG, D6- FOB, CIF - Great procedures

Sellers Published date: March 15, 2022

This offer is very urgent
Buyers and their mandates should contact us ASAP
for more details.
Thank u as we look forward to ur positive response
Best regards
for BOG Logistics and Global Resources Ltd
Batubo M


1) Buyer issue ICPO containing RN-KOMSOMOLSKY's working procedure and banking details along
with buyer's nominated TSA, Company registration certificate and data page of buyer's
2) RN-KOMSOMOLSKY issues commercial invoice of the product in tanks at the port, buyer signs
and returns the signed commercial invoice along with an acceptance letter.
3) RN-KOMSOMOLSKY issues a copy of Fresh SGS Report (Not less than 24 hours) to Buyer Tank
farm Company only to verify SGS Report.
4) Upon confirmation of the successful verification of SGS Report by Buyer Tank Farm.
5) Buyer’s company provides Valid Tank Storage Receipt from its logistics company to supplier
company toproceed with the injection of fuel into Buyer’s leased Tank.
6) RN-KOMSOMOLSKY issues following POP documents to buyer, buyer conducts Dip test on the
product and makes the payment for the total value of product injected into the tanks through the
means of MT103-TT.
a) Fresh Q&Q Report
b) Injection Report.
c) Unconditional Dip Test Authorization letter (DTA)
d) Authorization to Sell
e) Fresh SGS Report.
f) Authorization to verify the product in seller's tank (ATV)
7) RN-KOMSOMOLSKY pays all intermediaries involved in the transaction and subsequently monthly
shipments continue as per terms and conditions of the sales and purchase contract between buyer
and seller.


1. Buyer sends ICPO, Company Registration Certificate along with Buyer’s Tank Storage Agreement (TSA) from their
tank farm as proof of storage availability and readiness.
2. RN-KOMSOMLSKY issues Commercial Invoice for the available quantity in the storage tank to Buyer
3. Upon Buyer Tank Farm signed the Tank-to-Vessel Injection Agreement (TTVIA) and RN-KOMSOMLSKY will
provide to the Buyer, with the other PPOP across the table in Buyer's designated tank Farm office in Netherlands
and is exchanged with Buyer's TTVIA document along with the Following PPOP documents:
a. Fresh 48hr SGS in Buyer
b. Letter of Guarantee
c. Product Passport
d. Injection Report
e. Unconditional DTA
f. Statement of Product Availability
4. RN-KOMSOMLSKY issues Complete DTA and Tank Receipt to Buyer, Buyer order SGS to conduct Dip Test Of the
product in the Seller's Tank on Buyer expenses submit the full injection report to the Buyer.
5. Upon successful Dip Test, RN-KOMSOMLSKY inject the fuel into Buyer's leased Storage Tank and sellers Submit
the full injection report to the Buyer
6. Buyers make 100% payment by MT103 TT wire transfer for the total product to RN-KOMSOMLSKY BANK
ACCOUNT & and Reseller pays commission to all intermediaries involved in the Transaction within 24 hours after
confirmation of the buyer's payment.
7. RN-KOMSOMLSKY issues draft SPA to buyer to review for R&E monthly deliveries.
8. Buyer review and approves the SPA and issues SBLC/IRDLC irrevocable, non -transferable, Auto revolving for 12
months shipment value, documentary letter of credit for length of contract And for each lift per schedule, buyer
pays after Dip Test by MT103 Wire Transfer one for each monthly quantity.
9. The subsequent delivery shall commence according to the terms and conditions of the contract.
10. RN-KOMSOMLSKY pays commissions to all intermediaries as per IMFPA/NCNDA 24 hours after confirmation of
Payment from the buyer.

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  • Company Name: BOG Logistics and Global Resources

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