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buy crude oil in Chines water

Buyers Published date: March 20, 2021

We will buy crude oil in Chinese waters according to the DIP PAY procedure, please do not require a financial instrument on advince,
if the seller delivered crude oil to Chinese waters outside OPEC ( OFF OPEC) - please confirm your product, we will pay MT103 after inspecting your product on a tanker, we will pay for the inspection, for the delivery of inspectors aboard the tanker.
In any case, permission to arrive at the port will be issued only after inspection of the tanker by port inspections.

no one in China will issue a financial instrument without product verification.
It's a waste of time.
If the seller accepts these conditions, we will issue an annual financial instrument after the first tanker.

If the seller refuses to announce the tanker and product to port inspectors, this is a cheater.

  • Publisher: Alex
  • Company Name: Refineries Group
  • Country: China

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